What is the HJ Weave Beauty Hairstylist Affiliate Program?

HJ Weave Beauty has been in the human hair industry for the past 9 years. Our goal has always been to offer high-quality human hair to all the wants and needs of our customers. Currently, we are seeking professional hairstylists who would like to partner with us.

Our website has 3000+ visitors each day. You can provide your salon address and some customer photos or video to us. We will promote it for you and bring some customer’s traffic to your salon or your social media. You can also earn up to 8%-10% commission on each order.

This is a win-win collaboration situation.


How does it work?

1. Sign up to be our member then get your special link
2. Put your special link to your Social Media Bio Page so that your clients can start shopping
3. You can log in to your account to track your sales anytime.
4. Receive an 8% commission from sales each month when customers order through your special link.The commission would be sent at the beginning of the next month through PayPal.
5. You can also get an extra 8% discount when you order next time.
6. Top hairstylist each month, we will send a free wig to you. You need to do is make one wig design and we will replicate your designs for sale. Once you’ve made a sale, you will get a 10% commission via your PayPal at the beginning of every month.
Note: If customers use your link takes the order, while request the full refund after receiving, then your commission of this order would be 0