The suitable extensions type for African-American women——Malaysian hair type

Human hair extensions have benefited not only those who aspire to have dreamed lengths, but also women who have suffered hair loss conditions or alopecia. Improper installation, however, could escalate the damage and hair loss, escalate to brittle the hair and dry the scalp. To grow out your hair using hair enhancements, you have to determine the most suitable hair type that will blend in well with your original locks.

The Malaysian hair extension is one of the most popular types these days for its lustrous and natural-looking characteristics. Although most applicable to African-American women, virgin Malaysian hair is versatile to other groups as well, and may be attributable to its textures of silky straight and loose curls. Dark brown or black hues are the common colors of this weave.

Although all extension types are fit for every kind of original strands, the most suitable weaves depend on the purpose for usage and your budget. Among the temporary locks, sew-in products are the most cost-effective for its reusability and low maintenance cost, mostly used to add length or volume to any hair type. As the name suggests, applying this extension involves sewing or weaving the original hair into the sew-in threads.

Although your original hair is tucked within the extensions, it’s still important to take good care of them along with. Be sure to perform deep conditioning on your hair before the application process and moisturize the tresses when wearing the accessory bundles. Moreover, it will be more productive if the Malaysian curly hair extensions are bought from premium vendors like HJ Weave Beauty selling authentic virgin hair bundles worldwide with good quality and service.

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