The ultimate guide to curly hair maintenance

Whoever said managing a head full of curls was easy has never tried to detangle, wash, or live with curly hair. The phrase "the struggle is real" was probably coined by someone in the middle of a 24-hour shampoo-deep condition-detangle session and had just cracked their third comb.

It's reasonable to say that curl maintenance probably isn't the most funny thing on your to-do list. As a nod to the struggle, we've created this how-to guide in the hopes of simplifying your regimen. If you want to know how you can effectively maintain kinky curly hair, keep reading. Whether you have a curly weave or your rocking natural coils, the process for keeping your curls looking fresh is equally important, and lucky for you,they are more or less the same. Those bouncy, supple curls you'll achieve after all the plopping,pineappling and plunking make them all worth it.

Moisturizer just like a mother

Remember that person you've called your significant other for the past few years? They're there for you when you need them, always have your back, and makes you feel like your true, authentic self? Dump them. They aren't worth it. Grab your moisturizer, and squeeze it tight (but not too tight because you might squeeze some product on the floor) because it's all you need in this life of sin. Curly hair needs moisture--lots of it. Among all the hair textures, the 3b-4c side of the hair spectrum is without a doubt the most high maintenance and the quickest to dry out. Moisturizing regularly will help tackle that.

At least once a day, grab your favorite hair moisturizer and thoroughly saturate your strands. Make sure you massage it in enough so the moisturizer penetrates your hair. Now that you've just spent precious minutes of your valuable time moisturizing, you don't want that time to go to waste, right? You need to lock in that moisture so it fully penetrates and keeps working overtime without your hair sucking it all up like the moisture-monster it is. Take an oil, preferably coconut or extra virgin olive, and apply it on top after you've moisturized. This is called sealing your hair. Sealing your hair retains moisture, and you can banish the days of dried up curls for good.

1. Co-washing is the key but not the major key

Using shampoo to clean your strands can strip your hair off the essential oils it needs, but those sulfates? Sulfates are essential chemical irritants that act as foaming agents. Foaming increases skin and hair irritation, hair breakage, and increases tangling, which is the exact opposite of what you want for your kinky curly hair. Be especially wary of sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, which are the most common in personal care products.

The safest bet for your curls? Co-washing. Replace your shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner, which essentially removes the "stripping your hair of essential oils" aspect. Although a co-wash is perfectly OK to do daily, it doesn't totally replace shampoo. Your hair still needs a full-bodied clean every once in awhile, "Co-washing is not a replacement. It's a purposeful measure taken when needed, not as the only means of care. I often give the example of running through the mud and putting baby oil on top and calling yourself clean. Sometimes it's just not enough," says stylist, Iyana Holman.

2. The night time is the right time When securing your hair at night, get very familiar with the pineapple. No, we aren't talking about fruit, or the house Spongebob lives in under the sea. To pineapple your hair, secure your hair at the top of your head in a loose ponytail. Let your hair flop over and do it's thing. Then, put a silk bonnet over your hair, or loosely wrap it with a silk scarf. The next day, instead of being a matted, tangled mess, your curls will be preserved and you'll cut down on your styling time. Spritz with a light oil, a styling product, or water, and you're good to go.

3. Handle with care Curls and combs aren't friends. They're mortal combat enemies and are best left far away from each other. If your hair tangles, use your fingers instead to gently separate the knot. If you have better idea to maintain your curly hair you can share with us on the comment area below,or if you have questions, you can consult HJ Weave Beauty professional customer service and buy the good quality curly hair on HJ Weave Beauty official store.

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