The secret about the hair dye and perm that all women should know

What's the reason:

  1. Firstly,hair coloring color effect will be poor if you have your dye and perm at the same time.You would better make them apart so that the color will more natural ,beautiful and ca last a long time.
  2. Next,your unprocessed hair bundleswill get damaged more when you make dye and perm meanwhile,because the medicine together would engender double damage to the hair, no matter indian body wave 、peruvian straight、malaysian curly and so on.
  3. Whether a perm or hair coloringhave a mistake, it may leave you a extremely terrible and ugly hair.

If you have to make them at the same time, please choose a dyeing product of good reputation, and remember to wait some time between you perm and dye.Besides,you should have psychological preparation that the result won’t be same as you expect before. For the sake of your hair being healthy and nice,especially the indian wave hair and Brazilian hair,for the reason of their texture, you should be sure to perm and dye hair separately, and remember the order is perm before and dye is the latter ,the middle time is best interval around 1 month.


What we can do after dying hair firstly?

The damage may be done when we have dyed the hair. So, it is necessary to take care of your hair. It is great help for hair growth to choose the suitable conditioner, Perhaps, some people may be finding that the hair is very easy to have static electricity. Lead to the hair is tousle, what can we do, why the hair have the static electricity, this is due to the hair is too dry. If want to improve that, you will need a care for a long time. It is best to use a leave-in conditioner Beside, some people want to hide her bad hair texture by dying hair. In fact, this kind of idea is wrong. To the dye hair itself, it is the injury. If your texture of hair isn’t good, don't easily go to dye the hair, Otherwise, that will make your hair become worst.

If you have other good idea you can share us on the comment area below,thank you for your reading and sharing.

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