Look after your hair extensions more tender and loving care to make it last longer!

You won’t regret investing in high-quality hair extensions, especially if you get them from trusted suppliers like HJ WEAVE BEAUTY. They will not only give you instant lustrous long hair that you can style any way you want; they will also protect your natural hair from the rigors of styling and hair treatments. To make your investment last as long as possible, however, you have to give it some tender, loving care.

  1. The majority of this care will take place after installation, but there are some things to watch for while the extensionsare being attached. To get the best results, have a professional do the installation for you, and speak to him or her about this one major tip – do not pierce the weft. This goes for all installation techniques. If sewing, do not pierce the weft with a needle, otherwise do not cut or split the wefts.
  2. As hair extensionsare made from cut human hair, their source of nutrients has also been cut off. This means you have to supply these much-needed nutrients externally. There are several treatments you can find in stores to help with this. It is recommended that you use night oil treatments and hair repair treatments daily. 
  3. When shampooing your hair, be sure to wash at least once a weekCurly hair extensionswill need more washing to look its best. When choosing a shampoo, be sure to find one that has a good moisturizer. Always condition your hair after a shampoo, again using a moisturizing conditioner. Curly hair can benefit from occasionally using conditioner in place of shampoo, working from the top to the bottom. 
  4. Before styling, always detangle your hair.Be gentle and always support your attachment when combing and styling. Treat your new curly hair extension right, and it will treat you right.
  5. Finally, before you hit the bed for the night, you should remember to put your hair up. This can help prevent tangles and added wear to your new hair extensions. Going to bed with wet hair should also be avoided to help deter tangles.

With these great tips above you can make your hair last as long as possible.Only you take good care of them can you make your hair well.More questions you can consult HJ Weave Beauty’s professional customer service who will give you some expert tips.

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