10 commandments for successful hair extension application!

In order to make a successful hair extension application you must follow the proper ways.This blog will show you 10 commandments for successful hair extension application.

  1. Make sure that you have properly consulted with your client for the desired outcome of application.
  2. Hair must be cleansed with recommended shampoo to ensure your hair is free from all products. Do not apply any conditioner as this may affect the way the panel adheres to the hair.
  3. Clean sectioning is a MUST. Stray hairs are your enemy. Clean sectioning will ensure you avoid any breakage and discomfort for your client.
  4. Always refer to your application diagrams. Placement is a critical factor to success.
  5. Boost is an essential component if the hair does not contain pre-boosted tape. Too much can cause the panel to move around, which causes the hair between the panels to tangle over time.
  6. Always place tape in extension two finger width (approx. 1 ¼”) from the hairline.
  7. While applying, line the extensions up correctly to prevent the extension from slipping. An easy way to check your work is to pinch the panels. If you feel any “stickiness” more than likely, you are feeling the exposed tape. Ideally, you want to feel the tops of the panels all the way across without feeling any sticky residue.
  8. Do not shower for 48 hours after application to give the extensions time to “cure.”
  9. When removing easihair pro tape in extensions, keep track of your placement for an easier reapplication. You can use numbered clips which coincide with your application diagram to ensure that you put all the panels back in the correct order.
  10. Remove the panels with an alcohol-based remover.

If you have better tips for hair extension application you can share us on the comment area below,or if you are interested in hair extension you can consult HJ Weave Beauty’s professional customer service who will guide you choose the right product.

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