How to select the good quality hair extensions?

Choosing the best hair extensions depends upon different factors such as the length and thickness of your own natural hair. You should consider factor like the most suitable color and length that you want your hair to be in. The beauty of hair extensions in general is that they instantly allow you to change your look and achieve styles that you simply couldn't without waiting months for your hair to grow, if you want length. There are many factors that you should take into consideration when you want to select the good quality hair extensions.

  1. Is it real virgin hair?
    • It looks and feels authentic with a soft natural texture.
    • It has never been dyed
    • The cutoff was in the ponytail
    • All layers remain intact,so the cuticles face the same direction.
  2. The colour of the hair.It is virgin hair after all and unless it has been dyed,it will not be one block colour.If you are not sure make your point asking if the hair has been dyed before.There are a wide range of natural browns that you will see with virgin hair extension,and depending on its origin,this will vary even more.
  3. The feel of the hair.May you should take your time and feel free to touch the hair that’s going to be your new look.Hair extension is all about getting the appearance you always wanted so be selective in your choice.
  4. Trust in the Brand.not about their name,but how they ae processing the hair that is coming to your hands.The questions to ask are:does it come with cuticle intact?Is it single or double drawn?Are the hair treated,hydrated and sanitised before?What’s the difference between the hair types?Is there any guarantees offered?
  5. Pick up a little piece in the root of the hair and run your fingers to the end and back up to the beginning of the hair line.The movement shows if the hair is in place with the cuticles.If you get the impression of resistence while you rae sliding your fingers,it is a sign to believe that there is something wrong with the healthy or the originality of the hair.
  6. Broken hair.Check if the hair is broken in length .A bit of broken hair is accepted in most human hairs.However,try to be more careful and examine if it is exceeding the usual.An easy way is you to hold all the hair in the bundles or closure and slide your hand down to see the broken hair that comes up.

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