Hair Care
HJ WEAVE BEAUTY-provide virgin hair extensions and wigs
HJ WEAVE BEAUTY  provide virgin hair extensions and wigs. Virgin hair can use for 1-2 years with proper care.Here are some hair care tips,hopefully it will be helpful.
1.Please co-wash the hair before you install it. This will only better and soften the hairs.

2.DO NOT brush hair from the root to the end directly and handle gently. Brush the hair starting from end section:First 2 inches to end,
then 4 inches to end, then 6,8,10 inches etc.higher & higher until you reach the root.

3.DO NOT cut the weft, this leads to shedding. If you must cut for installation always seal the ends.

4.DO NOT put excessive heat on the hair,because this will cause split-ends & cause breaking of the hairs.

5.Always use non-sulfate shampoo & Conditioners.

6.Curly textures and Natural waves need more care than straight hair. Never brush hair too strongly, that will definitely lead to shedding &
even breaking of the hair.

7.Always keep the Curly and Kinky Curly Moisturized with leave-in curl activators or the hairs will get dry,frizzy and even tangle. Never comb
these hair unless they are wet and contains conditioner.

8.Use a professional colorist when coloring your hairs because not all colors take easily. Please test a small trip of the hairs before coloring,
because we do not exchange the hairs when chemically altered.