What type of hair extensions should you get?

With more options available to consumers, women might have a bit of a difficult time knowing which brand or type of hair extensions to purchase. Here are a few tips to help make any decision making process easier.

  1. Start At a Salon

One thing is for certain when it comes to finding the best available hair extensions; you’re not going to be getting them from a store. If you’re truly looking for quality products that are durable and seamlessly blend in, you need to visit a salon. Even then, a stylist needs to be certified. The reason that there is more of a rigorous process is because really high-quality pieces need to be installed a particular way, and this just isn’t something you can start doing without proper instruction. When you visit your local salon, ask them about what type of hair extensions they’re able to procure, and start inquiring about cost and the installation process.

  1. Decide Which Type of Extensions You Need

Even though there are subsets within each, you’re usually going to be deciding between tape in hair extensions or clip in hair extensions. Tape in extensions are great because they can be used with thinning hair, and are actually better suited for women experiencing hair loss. The tape in aspect means there isn’t unnecessary stress being put on your scalp or remaining hair, so you can comfortably add volume and length. Clip-in hair extensions are a more temporary solution for those wanting to add volume or length. In the instances where you have a special occasion and really want to rock a unique hairstyle for a shorter amount of time, clip ins are going to be the way to go.

  1. Know How To Take Care Of Them

One of the most important aspects of any extensions you buy is the general upkeep involved in making them look and feel more natural. You do need to take some care with washing and styling so not to displace after they’re installed, but the quality of certain pieces means that you have some more flexibility with styling options, and you’re not just tied to one particular look. This variety is great for women who might be having some hair loss, or those who just want to change up their look.

With these tips above you can choose the most suitable hair extensions for yourself.If you still can not decide which one is your favorite, you can consult HJ Weave Beauty’s professional customer service who will give you some expert advice.

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