Virgin hair extensions protect your natural locks from further damage.

There are a lot of elements in the environment that contribute to hair damage. Staying outdoors at mid-day for too long exposes your hair to harmful UV rays, pollution, and other debris. Meanwhile, the constant use of hair products and styling also leaves chemical deposits on your locks. These chemicals can erode your hair, leaving hair dry and brittle. Fortunately, you can use hair extensions to protect your natural hair.

1. Using Hair Extensionsas Protection

Most people think that hair extensions only serve to enhance the look of hair. Although that is their primary function, hair extensions can also protect damaged hair. You can easily purchase hair extensions to cover a section of damaged hair. This way, your extensions act as a shield that blocks UV rays, pollution and other debris from further damaging your hair.

For the best results, try using the sew-in or weaving method to apply your hair extensions. A cornrow braid has to be done with your own locks, onto which the wefts are then woven and placed. The extensions should be sown securely onto the braid, but not so tight as to bring you discomfort or headaches. If you have trouble doing this, you may want to have a professional stylist do it for you.

2. Helping Your Hair Recover

Aside from reduced exposure, hair extensions also provide your hair with time to grow back strong and healthy. Since the extensions are the ones soaking up the damage, your hair has the time to fully repair itself and restore its former luster. You can also help your hair recover faster by doing the following:

Deep condition your hair once every two weeks. This will keep your scalp hydrated.

Reduce your hair’s exposure to heat, which can cause hair to become brittle. This means avoiding the use of straightening irons and hair dryers while your hair recovers.

Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair. Forcing the issue with a brush will only break hair mid-shaft. Avoid brushing hair while it’s wet.

If you believe that your hair could use the protection offered by human hair extensions, make sure you only purchase extensions from an established provider such as HJ weave beauty company. It offers a wide range of hair extensions to choose from. At the same time, you can be confident that the extensions you purchase are of the finest quality.

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