How to protect hair extensions from sweat during workout?

You might be thinking that the Malaysian hair extensions’ maintenance demands will keep you out of the gym. It may be true that sweat can increase your chances of having a bad hair day, but there are ways you can wear those extensions without letting them get in the way of your fitness routine. Here are some tips on how you can keep your hair great while working out for a swimsuit bod this summer:

  1. Keep your hair away from your face.

Sweat is quite acidic and it can melt the glue on your extensions and make your hair frizzy. To keep your hair from getting sweaty, tie it in a high ponytail or bun; however, you should not pull your hair too hard as this can ruin both your natural hair and the extensions. Consider wearing scarves, head bands, or hair wraps since these can help absorb sweat. Remember to use satin or silk types of cloth as wraps because using cotton directly on the head isn’t very good for the hair. For instance, you may secure you hair with a satin wrap first then top it with a cotton bandana to absorb the sweat.

  1. Hands off your hair.

In an effort to keep your hair smooth, you may twirl, twist or pat down your hair without even being aware you’re doing it. Doing this only spreads oil from your scalp throughout your hair and makes your hair greasier with all the dirt and moisture from your hands, in addition to making your extensions smell like sweat. To avoid this, blot your hair with a towel to remove the excess sweat build up. You may also apply dry shampoo as this helps keep your hair smelling fresh.

  1. Cool down gradually.

To relax after a workout, you may be tempted to head right away into steamy rooms—but doing this can make your hair frizzy. It goes through a state of ‘shock’: from hot and wet to drying and cooling to hot and wet again in just a short period of time. Consider bathing in a lower temperature to help your hair cool down or dry your hair first about half an hour before showering. If you really must take a steamy bath, wear a protective cap. Do not stay too long in hot places as this could turn your tresses into a matted mess.

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Simply follow the tips above to score a great bod while maintaining your gorgeous locks.

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