How to achieve a smooth Malaysian straight hair without heat damages?

The lustrous, smooth Malaysian straight hair is often a source of envy for those who are naturally born with wild curly hair, and spend hours every day straightening their locks. Repeated use of hot irons to straighten the hair, however, often causes extensive damage. When repeatedly straightened out, hair could become dry, frizzy, and more prone to breakage. For this same reason, heat should be avoided as much as possible when straightening the hair, but how exactly is this possible? Here are some tips that you can use:

1. The easiest and fastest way to achieve Malaysian-like hair, is to use actual virgin Malaysian hair extensions provided by companies like HJ Weave Beauty’s hair extensions, particularly clip-in, are fast and easy to attach, and can be removed easily at the end of the day. Virgin hair extension possess the natural luster, smoothness, and volume of healthy hair that many wish to have, and to top it all off, maintaining these extensions are just as simple as washing and conditioning at normal. You no longer have to spend hours heating your hair everyday, and curling back by midday.

2. Another healthy hair treatment that you can try isdeep-conditioning.

Dry hair is naturally more frizzy and curly, so moisturizing can make your hair heavy enough for it to just fall straight naturally. You can also try using shampoos and conditioners that have anti-frizz formulas to help you beat the curls.After you take a bath, air-dry your hair, and gently comb or brush through it until it becomes dry. It would also be helpful if you intermittently comb your hair throughout the day to keep it from tangling, and to ensure that it remains straight and smooth. If you wish to, you can deep condition your hair, and use Malaysian straight hair extensions to add volume and length to your natural hair.

3. Straightening masks and straightening shampooscan also be used to weigh down the frizz and curls, but be warned that some of these products may contain chemicals that can damage your hair.

If you have better idea to achieve the smooth Malaysian hair-like straight without heat damage you can share with us on the comment area below.

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