Here’s perhaps the best hair news we’ve ever heard—frizz is IN. Yes, you read that correctly. Smooth, sleek, and polished blowouts are taking a backseat to more natural, textured styles. And while you can totally embrace the idea of undone, imperfect hair 365 days a year, it’s especially ideal during the summer months, says Meghan Doyle, independent stylist at Ladies and Gents Salon in San Francisco.

1. If you have curly or naturally frizzy hair

Doyle suggests using a smoothing cream Starting on clean, towel-dried hair, squeeze in a nickel-size dollop from mid-shaft to ends. Squeezing, rather than raking through with your fingers or a brush is key, notes Doyle: “You don’t want to rough up the cuticle of the hair and cause more frizz,” she explains. Squeezing holds the hairs together so that they don’t splay out and look overly frizzy.

2. If you have fine hair

Without heat styling, limps locks can often fall flat and look lifeless. Counteract this limpness with a volumizing spray. Spritz throughout the roots and let it air dry for extra body and fullness.

3. If you have thick, coarse hair

Work a serum through the lengths to coat the cuticle and tame the most noticeable flyways. Be sure to use only a tiny drop and keep it away from your roots so that it doesn’t weigh down your hair, cautions Doyle.

If you are interested in the frizzy hair just hurry to make it true before the autumn comes.If you have better ideas you can share us on the comment area below.Thank you for your reading.