If you just installed your hair extensions and they are already shedding there really isn’t much that you can do.This blog is to tell you how to prevent the shedding.

1.Please order 100virgin human hair.
As the human hair market is huge and the hair weave manufacturers are a lot,product quality is endless.So some human hair weave is not made with all virgin hair, it will shed a little.However HJ always offers you the best quality virgin human hair so you are guaranteed by what you bought on the HJ official store.Besides,it also depends on the fact whether the hair weave is wefted by hand or by a sewing machine operated by a human. Some hair suppliers claim that their double wefted hair weaves are not going to shed, yes, this may be true!If the double wefted hair is good enough,the weave hair only shed a little,which means that you only see a few strands in your comb or in your fingers when you brush or run your fingers through it. 

2.Please carefully care of your virgin human hair.
Don't comb your hair to use a narrow tooth comb,from the tip of your hair to the end,make sure to be lightly,one point at a time.Stop using any alcohol-containing products as hair care products, alcohol products will make our hair appear shedding.
Every night before going to bed, wrapped in silk or satin hair. This reduces the friction of the pillow against the hair and prevents excessive shedding.

HJ is a professional vendor of human hair, our hair is 100% virgin human hair weave,not appear hair shedding and diverse styles, there are body weave hair,nature wave hair,curly hair and so on,the price is very reasonable,welcome to order!After you got your Indian weave you need take good care of them,here are some tips from HJ’s professional customer service.:

Indian weave hair extensions are relatively easy to care for.  Like all hair extensions, Indian weave hair extensions do not receive moisture and nutrients from your scalp, so extra care must be taken to ensure that they remain nourished.  The following tips apply to both straight and Indian wave hair.  Where there is a difference, it will be noted.

  1. Brush the hair frequently (twice a day) and shampoo and condition it regularly.  For Indian wave hair, brushing should be done lightly with a paddle brush or wide tooth come to avoid undoing the curls. When washing your Indian weave hair extensions, wash off deposits of hair products so that they don’t degrade the quality of your hair.
  2. Ensure that your weave is completely dry when you go to sleep because if you sleep on wet hair, you can tangle it and create a mildew type odor with time. For Indian wave hair or curly hair, braid your hair into medium to big sections to retain the waves and generally to keep your hair from moving about too much while you sleep. 
  3. Comb your hair in the morning and start from the ends towards your scalp to prevent unnecessary shedding. Condition your hair at least once a week. Use a deep conditioner and avoid oily or heavy styling products. If you want to colour your Indian weave, do so carefully because the chemical processes that the hair will be exposed to can weaken and damage it. Have your stylist do this for your so as to avoid damaging your investment. Follow the above instructions and you will end up smooth, shiny, tangle-free and natural looking Indian hair all the time.