1. Going Incognito.igs are sometimes worn as part of a disguise or costume. A wig can offer serious assistance to a woman avoiding a stalker or other threatening person, or be a joyful part of her dress for a masquerade party.

2. Just For Fun.Many women wear wigs for fun. A wig allows a woman to completely change her look without committing to any long-term changes. A blonde can be an instant redhead and vice versa.

3. Good Hair Days.Wigs provide an instant "good hair day" if a woman doesn't have time to wash or style her hair.

4. Wigs  Do The Impossible.Some styles and colors are simply impossible to achieve with one's own hair. Wearing wigs, any woman can have straight, curly, long or neon-purple hair.

5. Religious Observance.The belief systems of some religions require that a woman's head be covered, and her hair hidden, for reasons of modesty. Liberal modern interpretations of this requirement allow a woman to cover her own hair with a wig.