There are so many possible causes of hair loss in women and one of them is stress. Stress is a condition whereby the body is overworked in some ways that normal procedures of life activities over exerts undue pressure on the body that normal functioning of the body system becomes skewed causing imbalances.
Such imbalances may spark a chain of changes in body’s routine physiological functioning causing a disproportionate number of hairs to go into the resting stages at once and in a few months later, the hairs are all shed. When such event occurred, it can be alarming but the reality is that substantial visible hairs are lost.

While issues of weight loss, poor diets, thyroid, low iron levels and hormonal imbalances do exert stress on the body, there is the assurance that once these stressors go away, you are set to return to a healthy hair growing cycle on your head, but you need to be careful of your psychological feelings during hair loss times. Doing this it is to avoid brewing social side effect of hair loss. To you take care of the psychological effect; you have the option of hair extension to give you the feeling of no loss hair.

Many women settle for hair extension to take care of hair loss but often the challenge is having the right person with the skill to handle hair extension to get you the fuller and perfect hair finishing. Although no salon will admit they make bad hair extension treatment, but only after the job is done that you get to know their level of expertise. However, using hair extension services, particularly human hair extensions will help you navigate the hair loss period.

Hair Extensions can Help

Medically, your hair loss situation will improve and your hairs grow back automatically as the stressors are addressed to take care of the imbalances but in cases where the hair loss is no longer on but in your head, the ensuing psychological issues may hold back the physiological improvement likely to come.

So how to How to minimize damage and optimize growth of your hair?

1. If you can’t afford it, don’t wear it. Synthetic hair might seem cost-friendly but it can make your natural hair brittle and even irritate your scalp.So you should choose the 100% human hair brand such HJ WEAVE BEAUTY which only offer beautiful you the really human hair with fair price. 

2. Condition! Condition! Condition! It’s crucial that you deep condition your hair before attaching a weave. Apply a product to damp hair then sit under a hooded dryer wearing a plastic cap for 20 minutes. No hooded dryer? No problem. Leave the conditioner in for 45 minutes to 1 hour with just the plastic cap. Then rinse.

3. Avoid glue-in weaves. Cornrows aren’t only for full-weaves and can look just as natural as glue-ins. Small and intricately placed braids can blend in seamlessly with loose natural strands.

4. If it hurts, get out of there! Tracks should be sewn in firmly but comfortably. You should not leave the salon in pain. Keep a weaving thread and needle handy at home for any tracks that come loose. It’s not worth losing your hair.

5. Add a net. Attaching a weaving net can relieve some of the tension. You can even have the tracks sewn onto the net instead of your actual hair. This makes getting to your scalp when washing easier and makes weave removal simple.

9. Oil your edges and scalp. Rosemary herb combined with an oil like jojoba or almond can condition hair and stimulate growth. Mix in a squirt bottle so that you can direct the oil to your scalp and avoid the contact with your weave.

10. Take a break. Giving your hair a rest from weaves doesn’t necessarily mean your locks have to go from long and curly to cropped and relaxed overnight. If you want to keep up one consistent look even in between weaves, try faux ponies or half-wigs.

Thank you for your reading,if you have any problems about hair you can consult HJ’s professional customer service who will give you some expert tips.