What’s up, beauties? It’s Lynsey. Welcome back to my channel and welcome to another hair week. I did this sometimes last year. I don’t know it was during summer or fall. I don’t really know but this time more of a theme going on so this week I will be telling you different units that I think are perfect for the spring time and to slash spring break. At the end of the week, I will be telling you my natural hair update and what’s going on these wigs but until that I want to tell you guys about my go-to spring. Whether it’s the cut style, shape, weight or any of that stuff, there are different reasons I have for the units that I picked. I know specifically for spring break. You’re out of school, you might have with girls and you don’t really want to spend a lot of time doing hair and makeup. I mean you will have your girls’ nights when you want to slay but during the day, you really don’t want to spend a lot of time doing hair makeup. So a lot of these units are very easy to work with. They’re very manageable and don’t need a lot of pre-time to like put the wig on and go. 

So today’s unit is from HJ Weave Beauty. This is the virgin hair you in my baby doll picture on Instagram. I think probably tell by the name, HJ Weave Beauty are more known for their weaves and hair bundles. But every time I tried to get a weave done, it’s just been a very traumatic experience. So I’m just sticking to hair wigs. I’m gonna give you guys affordable human hair wig reviews. Definitely check out their bundles because they have a very nice quality human virgin hair

So the unit I’m wearing right now is 18 inches. I just have this one in the color natural black. I would say it is fairly thin. A good and a bad thing. If you’re not into thin wigs, you may not like this because there’s not a lot of body going on. It’s pretty thin but I think it’s perfect for spring time because depending on where you go , you can get really really hot. You don’t want your hair sticking to you. You don’t want a lot of weight on you or all up under your armpit. I feel like this is good density especially for the hotter warmer months. I do absolutely love the wig’s parking space. It goes very deep. Look at that.

Now the cap construction is similar to any of the previous wig. She’s probably trying to get three clamps to the front and one in the back as well as some adjustable straps. Let’s talk about this cap constructions though. I have never had a human hair wig that grips my head so beautifully and I have a very small head so I have to be more careful about wig sizes that have an average and there’s nothing smaller. The wigs probably not gonna fit my little head. So I do have a good cap size. But it’s very snug as well which I think is perfect. You don’t have to rely on any glue to keep the weight down. I did use a little just because I have a little bit of my hair out. So I didn’t use the ultra glue. I just didn’t put it all around the hairline because it’s unneeded. It really sits flat and snug and I think that’s great. 

I also pluck the parting at all. All I did was to add a little bit of concealer from my RC Pallet. I always have to trim my hair, cut the ends and do something with it that involves scissors but you should know I didn’t touch this hair. This virgin hair is good t o go. Even though it’s thin, they have very natural ends which I think is absolutely beautiful. The hair is silky. The hair does not tangle. The hair does not shed. Usually when you first get wigs and you’re just brushing through it for the first time. It’s normal to have a little bit of shedding because the human hair wig is the new obviously. But I don’t even have it with this one. I’m a little shocked after shipping this hair. The day come fairly quickly but I will say I don’t expect any goodies in the bag because I didn’t go with anything but hair. But it’s OK. You really don’t need anything for it. I think they were as good as our natural hair. You don’t need anything to make up for it. It’s so perfect and you really don’t need to glue it down. I know there’s some miraculous methods of putting your wig cap on and then putting the glue on top then putting the human hair wig one and then cutting the wig cap. You don’t need to do all that. We don’t have time for that, first of all. Secondly, it’s just unnecessary for this unit. It just fits so snug. I just love how it fits.

Look, it’s spring break. You need to go out with your girls. You need to have a good time, go to the club. Even though you got into a fight until somebody snatched your wig off, it might come out. Other than that, if you just like try to have fun and dance and stuff like this, the wig is not coming off because of how snug the wig fits. So that’s why I love wig so much because I feel like you could go on an adventure. You could go Ziplining and go Jetski, I swear this wig is not gonna coming off. So that’s why I like it. So I hope you enjoy my sharing. I will have the links of HJ Weave Beauty below so that you have go to their website and find more virgin hair product you like.


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Hj Weave Beauty lace frontal wig: https://www.hjweavebeautyhair.com/wig/hot-sale/wig-type/lace-wig/wig-wt-lace.html

Hj Weave Beauty 360 lace wig:  https://www.hjweavebeautyhair.com/wig/hot-sale/wig-type/360-lace-wig/wig-wt-360.html

Hj Weave Beauty full lace wig: https://www.hjweavebeautyhair.com/wig/hot-sale/wig-type/full-lace-wig/wig-wt-full.html