There are too much mistakes that many people do with their Peruvian curly weave,with your incorrect ways to your hair,it can live more than 8 months impossiblely.So with this blog,hope you can correct your mistakes!

1.Getting The Wrong Type Of Install

There are many different type of ways to install extension hair; Sew-In’s, Quick Weaves or Bonding, Tape-In’s, Micro Links, fusion etc. Getting the wrong type of install can leave you with a less than desired look, stress on your hair that can lead to hair loss or extension induced alopecia.Your stylist should be able to recommend the best type of install for the look and function you are trying to achieve.

2.Failing to Wash/ Care for your Hair

Extensions do not naturally emit bad odors - but unwashed hair and scalps do. Your own hair still needs to be cleaned and conditioned while wearing a weave.The focus will primarily be on your scalp. Shampoo and condition with Hair care at least every 10 days to keep your scalp clean, and your hair moisturized.

3.Using too much product in your hair

When you are using virgin hair weave and full lace wigs from Wealthy Hair, you can trust that you are getting high quality hair. In fact, less is more. Putting too much product will weigh the hair down and also make it look greasy and maintain. If you suspect that you have used too much product please wash it with a high quality moisturizing shampoo and also put 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the shampoo water to clarify the hair and remove the build.

4.Leaving the weave in too long

These natural hair weaves additions do have a shelf life, however; keeping a weave in well past its prime not only results in a poor-looking weave, but your hair will suffer, too. Besides leaving weaves in too long, some women go straight from one weave to the next, never allowing their scalps or real hair to see the light of day for more than a few hours. Constant weave wear can take a toll on your scalp, particularly the edges.

5.Bad Extension Placement

There are certain areas on the head where hair extensions should not be placed to avoid the extension being seen and to avoid damage to the hair. Not all areas of the head have hair strong enough to hold a hair extension bond in place for the long term.

If you have same experiences before,you can share us with your experience on the comment area below so that others will avoid the mistakes.You can also find the good quality Peruvian hair on HJ official store with fair price.More details please view the online website!