Do you have a June wedding coming up? What are you going to do about your hair? Is there anything you can do to give it a fuller, lusher look? If your hair is limp or thinning, or too short for some of the longer, fuller hairstyles you've been dreaming of, consider clip-in hair extensions. Unlike salon extensions which can be costly, time-consuming and uncomfortable, clip-on extensions are easy to use and are a fraction of the cost. You can have long, luxurious locks in a matter of minutes--and with a little practice, you can style your own hair in many different ways!


There are so many ways to create pretty, fuller buns with hair extensions! Clip in 3 to 4 extensions pieces on the sides, top and back, making sure they are covered with thick enough sections of your natural hair. Then sweep up into a messy bun, either high up on your crown, or lower on the nape for a more classic look. For a softly romantic effect, pull out a few wavy tendrils around your face. 


If you've always loved the flirty look of a ponytail but never had the length to pull it off, with hair extensions you finally can! Attach the extensions closer to where you will gather your ponytail, then comb over sections of natural hair to hide them. Experiment with ponytail placement. Off to one-side is festive, and a fun way to highlight a bare back or an off-shoulder dress. Go high on the crown for a youthful look, or do a half ponytail by gathering just the top section of hair, leaving the bottom half loose.


For an ultra feminine look, go with softly flowing curls. Attach extensions all over the head, and brush over with natural hair. Use curling irons to create loose waves all over, section by section. To create interest, use pretty jeweled clips, experiment with your part or braid the hair into a band from ear to ear. HJ’s hair extensions can give you the long luxurious hair you've only dreamed of until now. Made with 100% real human hair, it can be cut, colored and styled just like your own natural hair.