When you want to try to wear real human hair extensions you should take many factors into consideration.Because you should know whether if the hair extensions will damage your own hair.So there are some points you should know.

  1. Is your hair in good enough condition for hair extensions?

If you have hair problems such as frizz, hair loss, over bleached hair or very thin hair your hair may not be strong enough for extensions. Most methods of attaching extensions such as gluing may be too heavy and just too damaging for your own head of hair to accept. Heavy hair attached in the same place all the time can cause traction alopecia. which can pull the hair out by the roots. If your hair is thin or damaged clip-in hair might be the answer as the clips are removable and when put in the next time you can stagger their placement. Hair sewn into your own braided hair seems to be the safest method to keep from long term damage. The close to the head braid spreads the attachment area for less pulling on the individual hair shafts. It has to be redone after the braid becomes loose.

  1. Consider trying clip-in extensions

They come in single pieces or a set of sizes to fit ear to ear over the top or the back of the head. Clip in bangs are also available.

  1. Make your own set of extensions

You can even make a set to fit your purposes. Just buy a 1/4 pound of hair on a weft and the clips to sew in after the strips are cut to size. The length of the weft in the quarter pound of hair will be much wider with the shorter hair but the weight of the longer hair will result in a shorter width of the weft. The cost will primarily be according to the quality of the hair you select and longer hair (weft will be shorter) may require 2 packages of hair. The clips are two to three dollars a clip. Beware of cheaper clips that will break easily with the clipping and unclipping. Quality is defined by the better,stronger metal involved. Purchased sets usually have 2 inch side pieces as well as the wider pieces for ear to ear application. You can place them anywhere you like. You have complete control of the placement.

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