Hey loves. This time I want to share with you a wig from HJ Weave Beauty and this is their 130% natural virgin wave or natural wave virgin hair. This is a lace front and it does have the combs in front and a comb in the nape as well and an adjustable strap so as I said it’s just a lace front so you’re not able to part it anywhere. But we’re going to just situate the front. The hairline is a little bit thicker than most. It’s not as pre-plucked hairline as you guys can see right here but we’re gonna work around that. The waves in it were really pretty but I did end up brushing them out just because I needed to style the hair so I’m going to take may water bottle here and this is does have some conditioner in it. I’m just to wet the hair. In this way, I can get these popping curls again. 

Now let me tell you guys that it is 18-inch in length, it is 130% density and it is virgin hair. That means you can dye it and bleach it if you want to. This hair is so wavy and I still use some mousse to make it super super wavy. The color is natural and the bundles and frontal unit are really affordable. If you want something that’s affordable, you’re on a budget or you just like to save money, you definitely have to check HJ Beauty out. I think their wigs started like a hundred and twenty-five or fifty bucks. This one is fairly cheap. I’ll post a direct link to it below. It’s definitely not over like two hundred dollars. It’s nowhere near that. But it’s fairly fairly inexpensive and it’s definitely affordable. The only thing that you have to do is like tweak it you know even if you do pay a lot for a wig, you still have to customize it and transform into yours. So I’m gonna take some of these baby hair and we’re just going to pull them for. We’re going to make ourselves you know somewhat of a nice little hairline. We don’t want too much baby hair. It’s because a little is all you need and I have cut some of these baby hairs a little bit. I don’t have them going over the entire 

perimeter of my forehead just a little bit. And to get them started and trained, I’m gonna use some of my Herbal Essence styling mousse just to lay them down because you do need it wet to style it so at first I wasn’t lie a huge fan of the wig just because of the hairline but like I said, it is really fairly affordable it’s super cheap and if you can kind of customize it to make your own style, you might spend a lot. I’m just going to kinda like brush into the hairline with it. I mean it doesn’t look that great right now. Trust me, hopefully, it will look best for you guys in the end like you know something close to it but I’m just going to style it up a little bit with some moves. This is how I get my hair to style in the front and then get the baby hair to blend in. Just a little bit more natural with the actual unit itself. I don’t like to lay my human hair wig down by using a head scarf because the head scarf just takes away from the wig once you lay those head scarves on your wig to lay your hairstyles. Trust me, that weight has smashed down all of your wig and then you have to go back and tweak it.

Now you might want to know if this hair wig shed. When I did wash it on only I noticed a few bit of hairs came out with it. I did wash it overnight and it did dry very quickly. There was a nice unit when I first got it without washing it, but if you do wash it, you get better experience and better curls. Some people don’t like 130% density but for me it’s great depending on the curl or the pattern or the hair texture. For this one to be a deep or loose natural curly wig, it is a lot of density.

To camouflage my part, I did use some pressed powder and I camouflage even the front of my hairline. You need to make sure that you are doing it all the way around. You don’t want to just do it on the part. We want to blend it in and we want to make it look good. For the price of this hair wig I’m saying you could definitely be slaying. You can definitely check out HJ Weave Beauty hair. They have some really popping wigs for affordable price, and high quality human hair extensions, closure, frontal. And they also have sew-in hair bundles as well. If you’re on a budget you just want to save some money and you still wan to look cute, you definitely have to check HJ Beauty out.

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