Over 80% of our patrons purchase our wigs for medical reasons, such as chemotherapy, alopecia, scalp infections, and hair loss from medications. The circumstances surrounding their purchase often makes them feel self-conscious about their new hair piece, and very alone in their need for one.

If you fall into this category, we want to encourage you that you are not alone – in fact, you may be pleased to know that you’re joining the ranks of some of the rich and famous! While you may still miss your own hair, we hope you’ll have some fun learning about other classy wig wearers – and maybe even grow to love your wig as much as they did!

1. Ancient Egyptians

Some of the first known wig wearers were the ancient Egyptians. Based on archeological finds, wigs appear to have been worn by both men and women, particularly in the upper classes. Like today, there were both natural and “synthetic” varieties (synthetic wigs often consisting of date palm fibers), which were worn straight or curled, long or short, according to the current fashion.

2. Mozart

One of the greatest composers in musical history, Mozart composed over 600 works for piano, violin, orchestra, and choir. He also has a deformed left ear, which few people knew about due to his white powdered wig.

3. Queen Elizabeth I

Wigs had become an essential accessory for upper-class women by the beginning of Queen Elizabeth’s reign and were gaining popularity with men as well, who would adopt them en masse during the 16th and 17th centuries (the era of the famous “powdered wig”). Contrary to popular myths, Elizabeth was not bald, but was almost never seen without one of her dozens of red wigs.

4. King Louis XIV

Wigs became the height of men’s fashion after Louis XIV began regularly wearing elaborate hair pieces to hide his thinning locks. Together with his cousin, King Charles II of England, he started a fad that raised the price of wigs so high that it became the mark of the wealthy – and the beginning of the term “bigwig.”

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