These days I’ve been obsessed with this ready-to-wear unit from HJ Weave Beauty. This 360 lace frontal wig came in a nice little simple white box. There was a plain old zip-lock bag with a hairnet. It’s a wig with 22-inch Brazilian straight virgin hair. It’s a ready-to wear unit but I still customize it to make it look perfect on me. You might pluck a part or even make some baby hair. This is a 360 lace frontal and there is a pre-plucked hairline. There’s a pretty plucked baby hair. You can definitely go as far as customizing your own.

What I did was just to use mousse and pluck a side part. I didn’t pluck the part too wide so I can always go back and tweak it so more. So it’s better to do less at first and then you know keep doing more or building on from that rather than doing too much at once and then you can’t fix it. When I did, I put is all back and that’s not bad. If I had the baby hair down, I think that would be like a Mama’s ponytail unit or a nice slicked back.

This virgin hair unit was folded in half so I did go back through it with my flat iron. That’s pretty much all I did with this unit. This is a legit some bomb-ass virgin hair. It’s nice, soft, and silky. I had no tangles. To be hones, this is probably the best out of the boxer unit that I have ever tried. I know I’ve had some other good hair and some other good units right out of the box but this is like a really good straight unit. The density is perfect.

Some company out there do try to shortchange people, but not HJ Weave Beauty. I definitely would wear this virgin hair wig for a least a week and give more introduction about styling this hair to you. If you are interested in having a nice hair wig of your own, go to HJ Weave Beauty. There are various virgin hair textures beside Brazilian straight virgin hair, such as Malaysian, Indian, and Peruvian virgin hair. There are straight virgin hair, deep wave, loose wave and curly virgin hair, etc. There also human hair wig, hair Bundle, closure, frontal. You definitely don’t want to miss all these. I will leave the links below for you.


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