Getting your relaxer done in a salon, in the hands of a professional you trust, is the best way to go about this process. For various reasons, some women apply relaxers at home. If you'd rather do it yourself, make sure you avoid these relaxing no-no's!

1. Shampooing Before

Shampooing Before

Before opening that relaxer kit and mixing your chemicals, ask yourself when was the last time you shampooed your hair. Cleansing or even wetting your hair and scalp before you relax will lead to burning once the chemicals are applied. This is because your scalp hasn't had sufficient time to "rest" from being stimulated at the last shampoo. No matter what your regular cleansing routine is, do not shampoo your hair for at least one week before a relaxer application.

2. Forgetting to Detangle

Forgetting to Detangle

In order for a relaxer to work properly, it needs to reach all of the new growth, or all the hair if this is a virgin application. The chemicals won't be able to touch all areas if there's tangling or matting. Now, this isn't the time to perform an intense detangling session with a lot of pulling and tugging -- that will irritate your scalp and lead to burning. Instead, work through your new growth with your fingers first. You may want to try this the night before your touch-up so that your scalp has a chance to rest. 

3. Working in Big Sections

Working in Big Sections

As with detangling, the relaxer can't cover all areas when you work in big chunks. You should work quickly, but thoroughly. Use the tail end of a fine-tooth comb to gently separate sections; don't create parts. Only use the comb to lift sections so you can apply the relaxer to the new growth.