Today I want to tell you about the virgin hair I installed it yesterday. This is lovely natural curly pattern. This a virgin hair from HJ Weave Beauty. I only used two hair bundles which was a 16-inch and a 14-inch and I didn’t even use all the 14-inch bundles. They sent me a lot of hair because last time I ordered three bundles and I used all the three bundles. My stylist said that the hair was not enough. This time I ordered three bundles and HJ Beauty had sent me a lot. I didn’t even use the 12-inch. Maybe I would use the 12-inch next time with a 14-inch bundles. Or I would give it to my mom and order another hair bundles to make a hair wig because she never had wig before. I had a leave-out and the hair was sewed in. I don’t have the edges or the back out because they are all braided. 

This is extremely wavy hair for me and its really pretty and all my friends says this virgin hair is so nice. I’m excited about this but I’m not natural, I’m primed. This virgin hair blends with my natural hair well.

I will be back with an update. If you are interested in this natural curly virgin hair, make sure you go to HJ Weave Beauty and get yourself a gorgeous one. There are various virgin hair textures, including Brazilian, Malaysian and Indian virgin hair, etc.

Hot selling Brazilian virgin hair:

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