Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channels. Today I have another hair makeup for you all. You all know I love my hair makeup. So today, I’m gonna be doing makeup on hair tutorial for you. The human virgin hair that we use for today is from HJ Weave Beauty Hair.com. The package of the virgin hair is very cute. HJ Weave Beauty has sent me with Peruvian natural wave. It’s very pretty. They actually sent me 4 by 3. The hair frontal is 20 inches and I got 26/24/20 and some 18 inches for the hair. When I saw this virgin hair, I love the coil pattern. The curls are really pretty and the waves are really pretty because it’s just a natural wave and it’s something that everyone would love. I know you’re gonna love this hair. So far so good. The hair looks nice and feels nice and I love it and I hope it’s gonna look good on my model. I’ll link to this Peruvian virgin hair with HJ Weave Beauty Hair.com. And this is my model.

Yes girl, this is my model with the hair wig. Just one person. Look at her makeup and the wavy hair! I like this wig so much! The hair is bombed. The model is popping with the hair wig on.

Look at her. It’s amazing, right? Just one person. How can that be possible? The answer is HJ Weave Beauty.

If you want transformation for yourself just like her, a wig is definitely what you need. HJ Weave Beauty has various types of virgin hair and other products like hair bundles, frontal, and closure, etc. Go to their official website for further information.

Video link for review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmqy0yp-Hhc

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