The base of lace closure is of course- lace. Hair strands rooted through tiny holes. The installation of lace closure is fairly easy and can blend well with your own hair. Lace closures usually are thinner and lay flatter on your head allowing for a more natural hairline. The defect of lace closures is that you will have to do some kind of bleaching or add some material underneath in order to make it look as natural as possible.


The hair strands are installed in a silk material which is very skinlike and is strenthended with a piece of lace. Silk base closure tend to last longer and, a very important point for some women, don’t needs any bleaching. Moreover, silk base closures tend to look the most natural, which makes it a favorite amongst a lot of weave wearers.

Whatever which types that you want, HJ Weave Beauty can offer you both of them with high quality and fair price.