You will need approximately three bundles of our straight Brazilian hair in order to achieve the fullest look possible. Each bundles weighs around +/- 100g. The longer your hair is, the more bundles you will need. For instance:

*For hair measuring 10 to 14 inches, you will need two bundles

*For hair measuring 16 to 22 inches, you will need three bundles

*For hair measuring 24 to 30 inches, you will need four bundles

  1. Make sure that you do not cut any of the weave tracks, but instead keeping each track whole before wrapping the entire thing around your head. If you cut the tracks, you will only create loose ends, which can lead to the hair shedding.
  2. Rather than weaving through the tracks themselves, you will want to weave around the tracks instead. If you weave through the tracks, you will end up breaking down the stitching that holds the hair together. This is another situation that can also lead to shedding.
  3. Your weave can be curled and straightened in any fashion that you want; however, curls will begin to fade after about a couple of days since the hair in these weaves is naturally straight.

Your straight Brazilian hair weave will last for approximately one to two years depending on how well you actually take care of it. Weaves are typically reapplied after around one to two months in order to keep a new look maintained as new hair begins to grow.

As previously mentioned, these weaves can be dyed and bleached; however, it is highly recommended that you visit a professional stylist in order to ensure that this is done properly. Additionally, you may also pay us a visit as well. If the bleach that is used is too strong, the end result will unwind any curls, dry out the hair, and permanently damage the weave itself.

A paddle brush should be used if the weave will be brushed and/or washed. Before shampooing, you will need to use some form of pre-conditioning treatment.

Your weave can be brushed as regularly as you want, just as with any other form of straight hairstyle. Always begin with the tips of your hair and gently work your way up toward the roots. Again, you will want to consider using a paddle brush instead of a fine tooth comb.

Prior to going to sleep at night, take the time to tie your hair into a single twist. Afterward, cover the entire thing with a satin cap in order to keep it in place.