Loose Waves

1. Wrap two-inch sections of hair around a 1 1/2-inch curling iron, holding the ends with your fingertips. After all hair is curled, separate the curls with your fingers and spray with flexible hold hairspray .

2. If using a square scarf, use the folding method mentioned above. Wrap the scarf around your head and tie it into a knot at the back base of your head (do not go under the hair). You can also use an elastic, banded headwrap and simply pull it over the top of your head so it wraps around the back.

Messy Bun

1. Throw your hair into a messy bun at the top of your head.

2. Fold your square scarf in half so it forms a triangle.

3. Starting from the longer end, fold the scarf over until it forms a long strip.

4. Pull the scarf around the back of your head and have the ends meet in the front at the top of your forehead.

5. Tie the ends into a knot. Tuck the loose ends into the side of the headwrap and you’re good to go. Finish it off by lightly spraying the style with hairspray. If needed, gently pulling at the bun to make it fuller.