Having bald spots can be an embarrassing condition. A quick weave is a type of hair extension technique that does not require a certain hair thickness or length. The quick weave hairstyle covers your entire head, leaving your bald spots unnoticed.

human hair extensions

  1. Pull your hair into a ponytail.
  2. Place the wig cap on. Spray your hair with spritz. Blow dry the wet hair until it is partly dry. Place the cap over your head. Make sure the cap covers all of your hair. Continue to blow dry your hair, until the hair is completely dry.
  3. Apply the hair extensions. Measure the extension to the amount needed for the back of the head and cut the extension. Apply the bonding glue to the wefted part of the extension, then apply the extension to the wig cap starting at the back of the neck, in a circular direction. Hold the extension down with your fingertips for several seconds. Blow dry the extension until it is completely dry.
  4. Style the hair. If the extensions are made of human hair, use curling or flat irons.

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When you want to remove your lovely human hair extensions to make your scaple have a rest,there are some useful tips for you to remove your human hair extensions.

Things You'll Need:

l Mirror

l Hair Bond Remover

l Fine-tooth comb

l Hairdressing scissors

  1. Part your hair into four sections with your fingers. Make a section from your ear to your temple on each side of your head. Use a finger to part your hair from your ear to the back of your head for the remaining two sections. Wet each section slightly and twist the bottom once to separate the sections.
  2. Locate the "seam" in your hair, where your extensions were glued or sewn in. Hold the seam with one hand. 
  3. Soak the seam with Hair Bond Remover if your extensions were glued in. Wait 30 seconds and gently comb down from your natural hair into the extension, while gently pulling and twisting the extension until it comes free. 
  4. If you have a sewn weft, locate the thread in the seam and cut it with hairdressing scissors. Comb down through the seam slowly. Cut the thread again, if necessary.

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