Firstly, you need a good quality and suitable lace frontal which you can get from HJ official store,only you possess a good quality lace frontal,can you tweeze it without damaging it!

1.Rules to follow when tweezing a part

1-1.Don’t take out too much hair out because it will look like you are balding in that area.

1-2.Don’t make the part completely straight because that will cause it to look a little too perfect and unnatural.

1-3. Carefully cut the mesh lining around the perimeter of the . (I personally prefer using an eyebrow razors instead of scissors because the trim is not as blunt.)

1-4. Gauge how the frontal looks and figure out where you want to place it.Your frontal should always, always be near your natural hairline. A common mistake that people make is that they place the frontal far too low on the forehead, which causes the frontal to look very weird and unnatural.

2.Rules to follow when tweezing the hairline

2-1.Use the tweezers to carefully pluck out random pieces of hair. The main focus is to make a gradual fade from the hairline to the rest of the longer hair.

2-2.Tweeze the hairline until you have reached your liking and preference.

May you have the good advice of how to tweeze the part or the hairline of the lace frontal,so you can share us the details on the comment area below.Thank you for you reading!