Bob hairstyles are quite in the trends, and they’re very easy to maintain and each style can give us a completely pretty look.

Bob hairstyles are all featured their evenly cut hair trims, normally  the seller will style your bob wigs before shipping out, as they style your wig in a head mould, so you might need to alter a little by 

yourself when received your bob wig if necessary.

Here’s a useful tip for how to adjust your hair trim perfectly
1. Apply your bob wig;
2. Lower your head to about 45 degree;
3. If the inner hair is longer than the outer hair, cut the inner hair to the length the same as the outer hair.

Before you make your wig perfectly,you need to choose a premium bob wig from HJ official store which can offer you many different kinds of wigs.There are 2 tips to choose a bob wig for you .

1. Hair Length

Of course you can choose your wig in any length. Both long and short bob wigs are very pretty.

For short bob styles, 12 or 14 inches will be safe. As we all know, if the hair is too short, the cap trim might be appeared in the back. So it might be perfect to leave 1-2 inches longer than cap trim in the back.

For some people, who want the hair looks longer in the front, like layered cut bob style wig, you can choose longer hair, because the hair length says the front length.

2. Hair Texture & Density
For bob style wigs, we suggest you to choose 100% virgin human hair will look more natural and beautiful.

For hair density, heavier hair density will look more like the pictures show, HJ can offer you the heavier hair density that you like.More details you can view the HJ official store or you can consult the professional customer service who will give you the expert advice.