Caring for your hairpiece can be a fun experience because you’ll pamper your own natural hair in the process

  1. Start with a Professionally-Installed Hairpiece.Going to the salon for your hairpiece is always the best place to start. Your salon professional can start you off on the right foot with a hairpiece that will look and feel like a miracle. Your salon professional will give your hairpiece some solid prepping, first. They’ll wash them, brush them out, and do the same for your hair. The hair piece will be cut and shaped to blend in with your own natural hair, and your salon professional will give you a great new style that will make you feel like a better you. Once you’re out of the salon, don’t forget to strut your stuff! After all, you’ve got a great new style, you look amazing, and the world deserves to know exactly how happy you are right now.
  2. Don’t Forget Your Products! Don’t leave that salon yet! Grab your hair care professional, and ask them what products they would recommend to help you to care for your new hairpiece. Already left and having the time of your life? Don’t worry, you can always call back! It’s even okay if you want to wait until the next morning! Once you’ve got your hair care professional on the phone, ask them about shampoo, conditioner, pomade, any product that you would normally use to care for your hair without the hairpiece. They’ll give you the rundown, help you with suggestions, and make your life with your hairpiece much easier.
  3. Showertime is Showtime!When you get ready to wash your hair, it is understandable that you may be a little wary of messing up your style, or of messing up your hairpiece, but you’ll eventually need to hop into that shower, and scrub away! Don’t worry, your hair care professional will have given you the lowdown on how to carefully wash and condition your new hairpiece, so you don’t have to worry so much! Before you do jump into the shower, though, make sure that your showerhead is a filtered showerhead. This will help keep the excessive minerals out of your shower water. While the minerals in the water can help your teeth stay healthy and strong, they can also dry your hair and skin. Be kind to your skin and to your hairpiece with a shower filter from your local home improvement store. You’ll notice a difference immediately, and your hairpiece with thank you over and over again!

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