Not every woman is born with thick, lush hair, and sometimes proper hair care alone is not enough to make one’s hair naturally thicker. Women with thin hair, however, seldom fret as they have found ways to add more volume to their tresses when the occasion calls for a more glamorous wave. You can keep your hair looking thicker every weekday with these few simple tips:

Brazilian hair bundles

1. Haircut – Yes, a haircut can make your hair look thicker. Head to your local salon and ask your hairstylist if he or she can layer your hair. Layering gives your hair a texturized look, which can make your hair look thicker.

Brazilian hair bundles

2. Extensions – Try purchasing Brazilian hair bundles from trusted names like HJ Weave Beauty to get instant extra volume to your hair. Brazilian hair is recommended for women who prefer thicker, lustrous, and easy-to-style hair weave. A few bundles may be all you’ll need to get healthy, lush dark hair that many women envy.

Brazilian hair bundles

3. Blow dry – A simple trick that you can use to make your hair look thicker is by spraying heat protectants on your hair first, and then brushing and flipping your hair over, while blow drying it. This will puff up your hair, making it look a lot thicker than it actually is.

4. Hairspray – some hairsprays have swelling and thickening hair functions. Spray on while brushing it upwards to create a naturally amped-up look, and then style as you comb your hair in place.

5. Conditioning – Women with thin hair should avoid too frequent conditioning as the oil present in the formula will flatten your hair, making it look even thinner. If you insist on using a conditioner, do so at night, blow dry afterwards, and then style your hair next day with hair spray. Trying to style your hair after you’ve just applied conditioner will not work as well with the conditioning oils.

6. Rollers – After drying your hair, you can set your hair with Velcro rollers and leave them for 20 minutes or more. This will give your hair more volume. You can step it up even further by adding Brazilian body wave extensions for an all-around thicker, wavy look.

Thin hair may be something you have to live with, but it doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to suffer with it. With the right techniques and top quality extensions and hair products, you can re-shape how you look with any hairstyles you want.