Today I want to give you an tutorial about how you can make your lace closure look like a frontal, how to bleach the notch, how to make your part look natural as well as how to create baby hairs. 

The hair I got is from HJ Weave I have a three bundles and a lace closure. The bundles’ length are 16, 18, 20 with a 16-inch lace closure. Now in order to make your lace closure looks like a lace frontal, the first thing you want to do is hide the notch on the closure. You can either bleach the notch or you can use your makeup face powder to hide the notch.

I decide to bleach the notch on my closure. The product I will be using is first the quick blue bleaching or lightening powder. I will also be using a developer. I also have a mixing bowl and a plastic spoon as well as a plastic knife. Now you want to mix your lightening or bleaching powder with the developer. Make sure that the mixture will not bleed on to the hair when you apply it onto the lace. I also use my plastic knife to spread the bleach all over the lace closure making it sure that I do not miss any spots. The time frame of bleaching the notch on a closure can be different based on how quickly the bleach lifts the color of the lace. For this instance, I actually had to leave this for about 45 to 50 minutes before I started to see that the notches were being bleached. Now I did go in and rinse off the bleach and then I actually added a purple shampoo tone down the orange brassiness that you can get with bleaching your notches on you lace closure.

Next thing I’m going to do is go ahead and tint the lace on the back of the closure. The reason why I’m doing this is because a lot of times you do get a lighter lace color after you bleaching the notch on your lace. I want to make sure the lace match closely to my skin tone. So I will be using some boiling water, a honey brown and darkest brown color and mixing it all together. I also use some sea salt to tone down the redness that’s in the honey brown and darkest brown color. It only took a few seconds for the lace to tint. You can leave it longer just depending on how darker you want your lace. After that, I wash the lace closure with some shampoo and some conditioner.

The next step you want to do to make your closure more like a frontal is to tweeze the hairline on the closure. This closure did come slightly pre-plucked but I still squeezed some of the hair just to make sure it looks less bulky. Now that I have bleached the notch on the closure, tinted the lace and tweeze out the hairline. The next thing I’m gonna do is to go ahead and slow down my lace closure onto my wig cap. Now I’ve already started installing two of the bundles onto the wig cap to make my wig and I’m just basically sewing it down with two needles and thread. I’m just sewing both sides and then the back to make sure that the closure lays flat.

Now before I make my lace closure look even more natural, what I wanted to do is actually styled the wig first. The hair does straighten very well. I did have my flat iron on about 375 and straighten all the hair.


Then I cut the excess lace off one the front of the closure and then go ahead and install the wig onto my head. Then I use some face powder 

just to hide the front of the lace and the next thing I’m gonna do is to go ahead and apply a little bit of gel to hold down the ends of the closure. The next thing is to make some baby hair. I just tweeze some hair out because I don’t want my baby hair to be too thick. And then I use my razor and cut down the baby hairs. I then use my edge brush and comb to create the baby hairs and use some gel to lay down the baby hair on the closure. Finally I would use my curly wand to lay down the party and the hairs a little more. I also applied a little bit of mousse to lay down the flyaways.  

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