1.Installing Malaysian human hair is very simple. The bundles required depend on the hair length and volume that you want.

10 to 14 inches – 2-3 bundle of Malaysian human hair
16 to 22 Inches – 3 bundles of Malaysian human hair
24 to 30 Inches – 4 bundles of Malaysian human hair
When installing your Malaysian weave do not cut the Malaysian weave tracks. Cutting the tracks can result in shedding due to loose ends. Do not weave through the tracks.
Instead, weave around them. Weaving through can detach some of the hairs and cause shedding with time.

Because virgin Malaysian hair is natural and healthy, you can style your hair with hot iron tools.  There are many Malaysian weave hairstyles that are possible.  With straight hair, you can curl the hair and straighten it.  With body wave Malaysian weaves, you can curl the hair especially to bring back fading waves, but do not straighten it as this may cause frizzing.  Kinky curl Malaysian weaves are best styled by simply using water and curl activators/definers, and not through hot iron tools. Usually this is enough to keep your kinky curls looking brand new and lively. So just be assured to buy the Malaysian human hair on the HJ official store if you are demand with some products.

2.Caring for Malaysian Weaves

Remember to provide proper care to your Malaysian locks.  Like all hair extensions, Malaysian weaves require good care if you want them to last and to keep their beautiful look. Because the hair is natural, treat it as such. Always remember to use a good conditioning treatment. Be sure to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. Perform a co-wash once a week.  Air-drying is highly recommended after washing and conditioning the hair.  After your Malaysian weave is mid-dry, apply a leave in moisturizer or conditioner.  Use alcohol free products on the hair. Alcohol free products do not dry out the hair or make it frizzy - products with alcohol will! Do not apply any heavy oils onto your hair! The oils will likely tangle up the hair making difficult to manage and restrict movement of the Malaysian weave.HJ offers you the best quality Malaysian human hair which can last 1-2 years with your proper care.If you have any other good tips to care the Malaysian human hair please share us on the comment area below.