How do you get your peruvian weave hair naturally straight without using a straight iron?You may find nothing was helpful when looked it up online. And do you know any ways to get your hair naturally straight?
Straight hair is stylish, pretty, and convenient, especially for wintertime. The problem, however, is that many of the tools used, such as heat and chemical straighteners, are really bad for your hair. Over time, they dry it   out, split the ends, and you end up with straight hair that’s not nearly as attractive as it once was.Avoid using heat or chemical straighteners that 

will damage your hair over time. Instead, there are healthier alternative ways to coax your hair into the style you want. So, for those looking to 

achieve straighter locks without risking damage, here are some professional DIY tips for straightening hair the heat-free way.

1.Wash hair with straightening products

Something as simple as changing your remy hair weave care products is so beneficial.It's very important to begin with a proper shampoo and conditioner made for straight hair.The right methord is try to get out as much moisture as possible, then apply a smoothing cream—or use leave-in conditioner to prep your hair and use a smoothing serum or oil, depending on hair type, to finish.

2.Brush wet hair until it dries

After washing your hair, let it air dry completely, but continue to brush it every five minutes. Pull out and hold each section of hair for a few seconds to encourage it to straighten out. You can also do this in front of a fan, which is faster, but requires constant brushing.

3. Use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush

Your brush is so important. I personally enjoy using the wide tooth comb, since it really gets those chunks of hair and evens it out. Start by grabbing your hair bundles with closure in sections and brush through as many times as needed.

4.Roll your hair

 Use large hair rollers to roll sections of wet hair and secure them tightly against your head. Let dry completely. This is important, because the slightest bit of moisture can make the curl or wave come back.

5.Make a natural straightening mask

Masks will literally change your hair game forever. I can't explain how useful it is to do a hair mask at least once a week. Whether you use avocado, coconut, or macadamia oil, it really helps replenish your damaged hair and keeps your strands silky, smooth, and shiny.

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