Most people wonder how celebrities get such amazing looking hair.  Well usually, they weren’t born with such gorgeous locs and most people know that celebrities look amazing only after a Hollywood beauty transformation. To get a natural looking weave or hair extensions you’ll need a talented hair extensionist and natural looking healthy hair.  Most people believe that the hair alone makes a weave look good but many factors go into making a weave look just right.

hair extensions

  1. The right braid pattern- The braid pattern is the base for which your extensions will be applied.  A good braid pattern will mean that the hair will flow and move naturally.
  2. The right amount of hair- Having too much or too little hair installed can make a weave look unnatural and fake.  Having too little hair installed will make the weave look thin and stringy.  Having too much hair can make a person look “wiggy” as if too much hair is growing from their head.  The right amount of hair usually ranges from 8-10 oz (However a celebrity weave ie Beyonce usually has 10-16 oz of hair)
  3. Having the right cut- Once the hair is installed the hair extensions should be properly layered or thinned using thinner shears or razor cut.  Natural hair is never exactly one length.  Layering the hair will make it look natural by taking some of the bulk out of the hair.
  4. Proper hair care- Even the best quality hair will not look its best unless it’s taken care of properly. Virgin human hair extensions should be washed often so that oils and hair products don’t build up.  Also, it should be conditioned properly since the hair is unprocessed human hair.  Proper conditioning will keep the hair looking shiny and healthy.

HJ’s customer service will give you the professional advice.And there are some useful tips below for your weave.


  1. Free & Loose: Another advantage to wearing weaves is styling your hair free and loose without concern of protective styles. When styling your weaved hair in updos, braids, twists and ponytails pay attention to the amount of stress your style creates. Too much force or action when creating a style can cause unnecessary stress to the track which will pull at the roots of your natural hair which could lead to hair loss. Opt for looser weaved updos and styles that do not create stress to the track.
  2. Product Usage: Weaves need love to! Do not cop out on your favorite products while wearing a weave. Especially with human hair which is still susceptible to dryness.
  3. Vinegar, Tea Tree and Grapefruit Seed Oil: Due to lack of air circulation while wearing a weave this creates a moist environment which is more susceptible to create a breeding ground for bacteria such as mold. Vinegar, Tea tree or Grapefruit seed oil are natural mold killing agents. The application of these oils on your scalp while wearing a weave can reduce or deter molding issues immediately. Vinegar oil may have a very offensive or foul smell but undiluted it can kill mold in a few hours.
  4. Choose a Curl Pattern closest to your own Texture: This applies only if you are wearing the crown of your natural hair out or extensions. Choosing a weave or extensions that are closest to your hair pattern will drastically decrease constant manipulation in trying to imitate the curl pattern of the weave with your own natural hair.
  5. Wrap it Up: Wearing a weave does allow you the option to sleep without a satin pillowcase or scarf but from personal experience I would suggest not opting out on these hair care lifesavers. Satin pillowcases and scarfs can add longevity to your weave and bank account.
  6. Set a Time Limit or Give the Weave a Break: If you are planning to rock your hair an natural look or just care for the health of your hair give the weave a break! The weave is not the All Mighty, it can only do so much and constant weaving despite taking all the necessary precautions still adds stress to your hair, which means years down the line you could be dealing with some sort of hair loss. Wigs are a great option to rid the stress that weaves create.
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