Okay, I’m starting off with clean Brazilian virgin hair from HJ Weave Beauty and it’s dry. I made my human hair wig and then all I did wash wash it and I’m just showing you the natural pattern of the virgin hair. No product has been added as of yet. So the first thing I like to do is I just like to brush any tangles that maybe in the hair out before we even start curling. So we’re going to be using the design essentials silk, essential oil and that is going to act as a heat protectant as well as give a a very nice smell and get rid of any tangles that maybe further in the virgin human hair. Okay. So I just add it to both sides. I make sure to get it throughout the entire virgin hair including the ends and then I just brush the product through one more time before I start the process of linking the human wig. Okay so I’m looking at the part I don’t think it looks good yet. It’s 

just a little sloppy. So I’m gonna go in with the tail comb and I’m just going to further make that part just a little more straight and I’m using my wand while it’s hot to lay down the virgin hair closure.

All right now I’m gonna section off my hair. I’m gonna start with the bottom of my hair and I’m making my medium chunks being at the wand is smaller. It distributes the heat a little better so you can use bigger chunks on the smaller one because the heat is gonna go through all of that virgin hair okay. So for sometimes it just gets a little hotter than it would if you had a bigger one. So I’m just speeding up and I’m just gonna go throughout the hair. I’m wrapping the virgin human hair around very tightly so that all of the hair is able to be on the one and get that heat and each equally distribute the heat so that the whole things is curled okay. And I’m just curling away from my face today and you can basically curl it any way you would like but like I told you I like the look of it being curled away from my face and this one is if you want a tighter curl. This is gonna give you the tightest curl you could get as far as wands.

So I really really love this set. I’ve had it for about two or three years now. It was definitely worth the money it worth a little bit on the pricey side because it comes with eight different wands but it was definitely worth it because I utilized those wands with all of my human hair wigs. So I get a lot of use out of it and it is really just a very good investment if you’re someone who likes to switch up your hairstyle but yeah the small one I don’t see much people using it so I wanted to do a tutorial using it. So that’s how those curls look. Okay nice and tight. So now we’re gonna move on the other half of my head and we’re going to do the same exact thing I like to start from the bottom and and I noticed when I use the smaller wand it’s quicker. Okay. When I use the big wand, it literally takes me forever. But when I use the small wand, girl, it’s so quick because the hair catches the heat fast and you don’t have to use small pieces of hair. You can use big pieces of hair, and it will equally distribute the heat. So I really really love doing the small curls, especially when I’m in a rush. Yeah, basically I’m going to do the same thing to both sides of my head. So I will be back once I’m getting started on this human hair lace closure.

Okay, so we’re moving on to the last curl and yes, I’m finished finally. So I’m just gonna take that one curl. I’m gonna try to lay down the hair on the hair closure again and then after that, I’m gonna work on the actual parting space and I’m taking my Ruby Kisses pressed powder. I can’t remember the color. I think it’s like something Coco and I’ leave that information down in the bottom bar and I just used that color because it goes a little better with my skin complexion even thought it’s a little darker. It comes on really good in my parting space. Now I’m taking a lot of body, sometimes I like to use this mousse. I’ll use like one or two handfuls like just two scoops and I’ll just press that on the top of the head and that will further set your closure down. So I’m using the heat on top of that and this is basically how it looks. Now I’m just gonna pop the curls. I’m gonna go through the curls. I’m just gonna like, you know, finger comb just a little bit. Not too much. Because it’ll make it really frizzy because of how tight the curls are. But, yeah, I just want a little bit more volume and a little bit more messiness. I don’t want it too uniform. So I’m just gonna go in and finger comb the hair a little bit and add that volume and that little messiness. Okay? You don’t have to do what I’m doing but this is how am I here to look. You could stop after you finish the curls but this is basically my results. I think it came out really nice. The hair is super duper soft but keep reading cuz I’m about to give you more information on this Brazilian virgin hair. Where I got it from, the specs and all that good stuff. So you can leave you comment below and stay tuned for further information on this human virgin hair.

Okay so this is my end result and just in case you were wondering. 

This hair is from HJ Weave Beauty. I did a review on their natural wave about a year ago. Absolutely love that virgin hair so I wanted to try a new texture from them so this is their Brazilian body wave and they’re having two hair bundles of 24, two hair bundles of 22 as well as a 16-inch human hair lace closure. The lace closure did come with a middle part in it already. The Brazilian hair was at first in its natural state and I curled the hair using my Nume wand and I used the smallest barrel that was in my set. I had the octal one. So it has eight different detachable wands and this one is the smallest one out of the set. I don’t know the number but it is very thin all the way through to the bottom of it. It’s all one size. The thing about when you use this wand it gets hotter than the other wands because it’s smaller. So when you do the curl, you don’t have the hair sitting on the wand for a long time. Also this is going to create a very tight curl so these are very tight curls. But these curls are not the curls that I will run my fingers through, because no matter what hair I use when I do curls like this, the hair tangles. I would definitely keep it like this. 

Out of all the hair I have tried these curls on, this Brazilian virgin hair from HJ Weave Beauty is definitely the best as far as how it feels it’s just very very soft. You do not need a lot of product. I put this on the hair which is the designer central silk essential oil, because I like to put that on the hair when I’m flat ironing or doing anything with heat because it serves as a heat protectant. So this is the second texture that I’ve tried from HJ Weave Beauty and once again I’m blown away by the quality of their human virgin hair. So far the hair is so good. I will have the links down the bottom bar to the HJ Weave Beauty virgin human hair. On their website, there are varieties of virgin hair including human hair wig, hair Bundle, closure, frontal and other types of virgin hair beside Brazilian virgin hair. I also give you the link to this Brazilian virgin hair and my tutorial video just in case you want to check it out. 

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ARNwCeydvg

Hair link:  https://goo.gl/nmv3ye