There is no better way to look fabulous than a full head of voluptuous curls. Curly hair styles are the pinnacle of sensuality. Besides,kinks and weaves are a great way to put some bounce onto your flat hair. Body wave, deep wave, curly, and kinky curly are the most popular curly hair types available, and remy virgin Indian curly hair is one of the most highly recommended types of weave hair because it is unprocessed and blends beautifully with most people’s natural hair. So why not add a little flare to your look with one of these sexy textured types of weave hair.

1. Body Wave

The body wave is a fashion sultry style. Megan Good,a famous American actress, have made body wave style an iconic alternative to the flat straightened look. Remy virgin Brazilian body wave hair is fabulous and doesn’t need a lot of styling. Body wave curly hair is a sure way to look effortlessly gorgeous.

2. Deep Wave 

Deep wave virgin Brazilian human remy weave hair has tight classic voluptuous waves. These deep eaves give off a full beautiful healthy appearance with lots of sheen.

3. Curly Wave

Curly wave is very similar to the deep wave hair. But curly wave hair has curls that coil around completely as opposed to tight controlled waves.HJ Weave Beauty’s curly wave hair offers an exotic allure with a flirty bounce.

4. Kinky Curly

Women just can’t stop talking about kinky curly virgin Brazilian remy weave hair. Women everywhere are embracing the natural look and this weave hair is the perfect way to transition into a natural style. Even if you just want to experiment with hair that has extra volume, this texture has lots of fluff and a playful kick of personality.

In order to create pretty big wave look we need to re-style the curls which is not difficult to achieve. Here are 4 simple steps into achieving the big wave.

1.Get some oil to moisturize your hair.
2. Heat up a large-barrel curling iron, set it around 400 degrees. The larger the barrel, the looser your waves will look.

3.Separate your hair into sections evenly and wrap it around the curling iron one by one.
4.Finally, fluff the hair with fingers to give a natural wave.

Now you can view different types of curly weave on HJ Weave Beauty official store and consult the customer service who will give you the professional advice.