Some find it difficult to go an entire day without using hair pins, clips, ties, and bands because they are such useful styling tools. But are they responsible for breaking your hair?Here are some things to consider next time you use any of these.

  1. Do not sleep with hair pins and clips in your hair. The metal can break the shaft of your hair and can potentially hurt your scalp. Take them out before you go to bed.
  2. Be sure to stay away from elastic hair ties. Only use the ones with fabric covering because the elastic pulls and breaks your hair. If you find that this still happens with fabric covered hair ties, try a little conditioner around the hair tie to help prevent breakage.
  3. When using any of these accessories, try not to pull hair too tightly before tying it in a pony or clipping it up. A tight pull can cause breakage around the front of your hairline and throughout your hair.

Now you can know the damage that the accessories may do to your hair,so please use the accessories in a right way.If you have other question you can contact HJ Weave Beauty’s professional customer service who will give you some expert tips.