To give you a head start, there are 4 best hair extensions hacks to keep your long hair extensions looking great between now and the holidays and beyond.

  1. Find the perfect storage for your hair

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to untangle matted and knotted clip-ins that have been tossed around. To keep add-on hair gorgeous, you need to show it the same love you would your own natural hair to keep it looking best. Pick a dresser drawer to organize your clip-ins. Best of all, the drawer can also be used to re-curl your clip-ins every day! Simply put the clip end in the drawer, close it and then gently re-curl them with a styling wand. Way easier than trying to re-curl them when they are on your head.

  1. Don’t forget to wash them regularly.

While you are rocking them, don’t forget that even clip-ins need to be shampooed and conditioned from time to time to keep them looking great. Dust, pollen, oils, styling products…all of it builds up in your hair extensions in the same way it does your natural hair. The result? Dull, flat looking add-on hair. What to do? Clip them in once a week while showering and shampoo and condition as if they were your own hair.

  1. What about wefts while showering?

Unlike clip-ins, sew-in wefts and even bonded extensions need to be treated gently…but still cleansed and conditioned from time to time. Remember, the key to long lasting wear is not stressing the bond…so HOW you cleanse your hair in the shower needs to be gentle. Shampoo and conditioner thoroughly, combing your hands through your hair from weft to ends, keeping the hair as straight and smooth as possible. Never “ball and lather” the hair, as ultimately this puts strain on the bond and also leads to a tangled mess.

  1. Air dry that hair…NEVER blow dry.

Blow dryers even for natural hair may speed up morning routines, but more often than not the heat essentially microwaves the hair, causing the cuticles to flake or not sit flat. Allowing your hair extensions to air dry, allows the cuticles in the hair that swell and rise to gently return to normal temperature. You’ll be amazed at how shinier the hair is using this method as opposed to speeding things along with a blow dryer. If you still want to use a curling iron or wand, wait until they are 100% dry.

With the tips above you can make your hair look great,if you have any good idea you can share us on the comment area below.If you are interested in the HJ WEAVE BEAUTY you can view its official store.You can also consult the customer service who will give you some expert tips before your purchase.