Many hair extensions companies advertise that their hair extensions are made with Remy hair, but they could be mixing their Remy hair with 10-40% non-Remy hair. This makes their hair extensions less expensive, but it also greatly lowers the quality of the extensions. While the hair extensions may look good when they are first applied, they will very quickly begin to look matted and will tangle easily. Make sure that you only purchase hair extensions from a company that can claim that their  hair extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair.

3 things many companies do not want you to know!

1. Their Hair Extensions Won’t Last Very Long

The biggest problem that women have with lower quality hair extensions is the short life span. With lower quality extensions, they may last for 1 application or maybe 2 applications, but then they begin to look damaged, matted, and frizzy and stylists will need to apply new extensions. With higher quality hair extensions, they come at a premium price, but will last anywhere from several months to a year, saving your clients money in the long run.

2. Their Hair Extensions Are Difficult to Maintain

Often, hair extension companies do not provide right hair care products so that your clients will be able to properly take care of their extensions. If your clients are not using the right products, this can seriously shorten the life of their extensions. Also, since the cuticles have been removed from the hair, it tangles easily and is much more difficult to brush and style. When you use quality hair extensions and hair care products, your clients will be able to keep their extensions looking amazing and beautiful in their hair.

3. We Are The Standard of Hair Extensions

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